4 week course on riding with the basic breathing patterns
Spring 2021, begins Monday 5/17

Refresh your relationship to that most vital and constant rhythm in our lives, respiration itself. This month-long course is ideal for interested beginners and intermediate practitioners alike, no previous experience is necessary. In this course we will stay faithful to the basics of breathwork, including:

  • meeting ourselves in sacred space and holding our personal power
  • learning how to be comfortable and supported – we will practice lying down and sitting comfortably, no experience with yoga poses is required
  • clear instructions for step by step development of inhalation and exhalation
  • how to use breathing as the foundation for a daily meditation or devotional practice – whether you are just starting or already have an approach that you use
  • feeling breath energy and sensing its flow in the body
  • working with emotions through spontaneous breath and regulated breath
  • applying the benefits to daily life and lifestyle, including how to practice when life gets heavy or confusing

4 weeks of classes includes:

  • Live virtual class on Mondays from 11am-12pm EST
    • Dates: 5/17, 5/24, 5/31, 6/7
  • One guided audio recording practice aid per week
  • Class recordings available immediately after, so feel free to join this course asynchronously.
  • Correspondence with the instructor throughout the course about how practice is developing, including working with questions and obstacles

Cost: $85*


*If you or your family have served time in prison, this course is free for you.
Anyone interested in sliding-scale pricing is invited to message me as well.

This course counts as a pre-requisite for the intermediate breathwork class.

about the instructor:

Adam Wetterhan is a dedicated practitioner-scholar of yoga-asana, breathwork-pranayama, and meditation in the Indo-Tibetan practice lineages passed on to him by his teachers, as well as working within the Western Esoteric and philosophical tradition. As a E-500 RYT registered yoga instructor, Adam teaches public classes in movement and meditation weekly as well as training teachers inside and outside of prison. Adam is committed to the joyful union of study and practice as well as to social justice and the power of wisdom teachings to help us overcome the system of mass incarceration in the United States.

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