Pranayama Course Winter 2021

PRANAYAMA intensive breath study course

What with the prevalence of trendy new age breathing techniques, why not dive directly into practices that are attested to by centuries-old manuals and even older lineages of practice? We will cover both active practices that change the breath pattern [pranayama] as well as forms of natural breath awareness [apana-prana-smrti].

Pranayamas covered: internal and external breath retention, deepening and lengthening by breathing with sounds internal locks, alternate nostril breathing with and without retentions, bellows breath, sun and moon piercing, and a few others

Apana-prana-smrti methods: earth breathing, lower belly breathing, central channel breathing.

We will discuss the role of mantra and visualization as well. Not every practice is for every person at all times, but the realm of breathwork offers many promising techniques for daily practice. It is my opinion that pranayama can be used to open the door of meditation, and to enhance other meditative practices.

6 week series, Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm EST

begins Thursday February 18th

1 hour live weekly virtual session with practice and discussion.

Recordings available after each session.

Cost: $150 – flexible pricing applies for extenuating circumstances.

Email me: adamwetterhan @ gmail for more details!

Serious applicants only: must be willing to complete a 45 minute sitting practice at least 4x a week for duration of the course while maintaining a practice journal.

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